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EANOP M60 HUD 7'' Digital OBD2 Head Up Display Car Media Projector Support Carplay Andorid Auto FM google GPS Naviga New Remoter

EANOP M60 HUD 7'' Digital OBD2 Head Up Display Car Media Projector Support Carplay Andorid Auto FM google GPS Naviga New Remoter

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Brand Name: EANOP

Origin: Mainland China

Wire or Wireless: Wired

Rated Power: 8-13.5V

Size Name: 3.97 inch

Output Frequency: 20Hz-15KHZ

Product Name: HUD head up display

Item Number: M60

Support: Carplay and Android Auto

Wireless Remoter controll: Support

Voice Controller: Support for IOS only

Google Map: Support

Steering Wireless Remoter: Yes

OBD Cable Length: 1.8M

Input Voltage: 12-18V

Power Type: Car charger & OBD cable

Easy Installation: Connect HUD with Car charger

Installation Position: Center console

Warrenty: 1 Year

Remoter notice:: remoter need to pair with OBD cable or Car charger before use it

EANOP M60 OBD2 Mirror HUD – Your Smart Driving Companion!

Upgrade your driving experience with the EANOP M60 OBD2 Mirror HUD, a cutting-edge device designed to seamlessly integrate with your OBD 2 Petrol Vehicle. This innovative HUD supports both Carplay and Android Auto, providing you with a host of advanced features to enhance your journey.

Key Features:

🚗 Real-Time Display: Stay informed about your vehicle's performance with real-time information on speed, RPM, and more. The 7.2-inch display, made with chemical glass, ensures a crystal-clear view for optimal visibility.

📱 Wireless Connectivity: Enjoy the convenience of wireless Carplay and Android Auto. Use Siri for voice calls, navigate with digital precision, and access your favorite apps effortlessly.

🔊 FM Transmitter: Connect seamlessly with your car's speaker system using the FM transmitter. Immerse yourself in your favorite music, podcasts, and more for an unparalleled driving experience.

🛠️ Easy Installation: Say goodbye to complicated setups. Installing the EANOP M60 is a breeze – simply connect it to your car's OBD using the provided cable, and you're ready to go.

🔧 1-Year Free Parts Delivery: We stand by the quality of our product. Enjoy peace of mind with our 1-year free parts delivery service, ensuring you're covered for any unexpected needs.

🤝 2-Year Warranty: Your satisfaction is our priority. The EANOP M60 comes with a 2-year warranty, providing you with confidence and assurance in your purchase.

Upgrade to a smarter driving experience today with the EANOP M60 OBD2 Mirror HUD. Drive with confidence, connectivity, and cutting-edge technology at your fingertips. Order yours now!

Bigger screen Image

M60 mirror is designed with Chemical glass. Image Projection is more clearly and deep. When use navigation, we will feel more laxury and clear.

Voice control

M60 can support all language, whatever language on your phone, then M60 can display the language and support voice control

Can make voice call, open app by voice, more convinient to operate it while dirving, you could exchange between call, navigation etc


EANOP was Founded in 2009, Producing Car and Telecom accossorriess, Such Mobile Phone Charging solution, Head up display, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Vaccum cleaners , Media Player,Etc

" Smart Product  Safty Driving " is EANOP Goals, We worked as this way, in order to offer more Warrenty products and services, EANOP has registered all groups in China. and also EANOP has registered in  USA, Europe, Korea, Thailand, Vietenam, Singapore, Austrilia , Hongkong .... Still continuely register....

Over More than 10 Years , EANOP has more qualified Sales teams, R & D teams, Material Perchurse Teams and strong Production line, EANOP not only brand itself, but also can offer OEM, ODM Orders..


At EANOP, we take immense pride in introducing our global portfolio of brands that have become synonymous with excellence, innovation, and trust. With registrations spanning across prominent catalogues in China, the United States, Australia, Singapore, Korea,etc, our commitment to delivering world-class products has earned us recognition on a global scale.

Our Worldwide Presence:

  1. China:

    • Recognized and registered in China's extensive catalogues, our brands resonate with the discerning Chinese market. We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our vast customer base in this dynamic and influential region.

  2. United States:

    • In the highly competitive market of the United States, EANOP have secured a place in prominent catalogues, reflecting our dedication to compliance with rigorous standards and regulations.

  3. Australia:

    • The diverse and discerning Australian market has embraced our brands, registered in key catalogues. We are proud to contribute to the vibrant and evolving landscape of products available to Australian consumers.

  4. Singapore:

    • Positioned as a hub for innovation and commerce, Singapore recognizes and welcomes our brands into its catalogues. We strive to meet the sophisticated demands of this cosmopolitan market.

  5. Korea:

    • Our presence in the thriving Korean market is marked by registrations in catalogues that attest to the quality and relevance of our brands. We are committed to contributing to the tech-savvy and trendsetting consumer culture in Korea.

Commitment to Quality and Compliance:

Our global recognition is not just a testament to our market presence but is grounded in our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and compliance. Every product bearing our brand undergoes meticulous testing and scrutiny to ensure it aligns with the diverse regulatory landscapes of the countries we serve.

Innovation that Transcends Borders:

As a global brand, we understand that innovation knows no borders. Our products are designed not only to meet regional preferences and standards but to push the boundaries of what is possible, bringing cutting-edge technology and unparalleled experiences to consumers worldwide.

Choose Excellence, Choose EANOP:

When you choose products from EANOP, you are choosing a global brand that has earned its place in the catalogues of leading markets. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and compliance is a promise that transcends borders, offering you products that meet and exceed expectations, regardless of where you are in the world.

Thank you for choosing EANOP. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and delivering exceptional products that enrich lives globally.

Product Cerfitication

Assurance of Excellence: Our Commitment to Product Certification

At EANOP, we understand the paramount importance of delivering products that not only meet but exceed global standards for quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in the comprehensive certifications earned by our flagship product, Dashboard Screen, TPMS, ETC.

Certifications We Proudly Hold:

  1. CE Certification:

    • Demonstrating compliance with stringent European Union safety standards, Most of our products is marked with the CE symbol, ensuring its seamless access to markets within the European Economic Area.

  2. ROHS Certification:

    • We prioritize environmental responsibility. The ROHS certification affirms that [Product Name] is free from hazardous substances, aligning with international directives for eco-friendly manufacturing.

  3. EMC Certification:

    • Our commitment to delivering products with electromagnetic compatibility is underscored by the EMC certification. EANOP Product is designed to operate effectively within diverse electromagnetic environments without compromising performance.

  4. KC Certification:

    • Catering to the South Korean market, Our product has been meticulously tested and approved for compliance with safety and performance standards, earning the coveted KC certification.

  5. UL Certification:

    • Underwriters Laboratories has rigorously assessed and certified our products, affirming its adherence to the highest safety and performance benchmarks, ensuring consumer confidence in North American markets.


For EANOP M60 “OK” button can not work when connect Carplay. Due to ISO 14.2 software updated, So. please do in the following process.: “Setting”> “Accessibility > “Touch”> “ assistive touch”. Then Switch off “ assistive touch”. it will be ok

F & Q:

1: How to connect with car speaker:

A: Can connect in two ways. by Aux in Cable or FM frequency. there are around 20 FM frequencies in side of HUD. can connect with Car FM , make sure that music voice will more better

2: How connect Carplay & Android Auto:

A: Connect the HUD with Mobile phone (ISO). it will be enter into Carplay interface automatically. Connect with Android phones Android auto will be work

3: Dose HUD can be turn off while driving:

A: Yes, can switch on and off the HUD while driving by wireless remoter

4: What is the use for the wireless steering remoter :

1) can accept call in while driving
2) can make voice call
3) can exchange APP, chose music, FM, navigation any time

5: How is EANOP Warrentty:

1: EANOP can make free replace for the accossorriess, like OBD cable, Car charger , wireless remoter etc

2: EANOP offer 1 year warrentty time for the HUD displayer ( Replace new if damaged automatically within 1 year. Repair if damaged by manuelly )

6: Remoter can not work, How to do ?

There is RF Sensors inside of Remoter, OBD Cable, Car charger. Need to Pairing if remoter can not operate, The remoter is paired with OBD cable in the production, if you use car charger, then need to pair the remoter with car charger. If you use OBD cable again, then still need to pair again

Pls scan the QR code link below to see how to pair

Note: Need to press the two button on the remoter as soon as power connected, can not wait until you see the "HUD " on the screen

Return & Replace

If you do not like and plan to return it . EANOP accept. make sure the packing and product is in the good condition so that can sell again. you should pay the shipping back cost , on the other side, you could use aliexpress free return services if your country has

We could replace you other items or money back

Notice before shopping:

For OBD cable, due to the switch button designed inside of OBD connector, HUD will not powered on if your car can not compatiable with . so if OBD cable can not work (gift) , then you keep to use car charger. M60 has a good display on Carplay and android, expecially Navigation.
if you need speed /rpm/oil consumption etc, you could buy EANOP topest selling M40, M41,M20 etc


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