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2pcs/set Car Seat Leather Pillow Breathable Head Neck Rest Safety Cushion Support Pillow Headrest Pad

2pcs/set Car Seat Leather Pillow Breathable Head Neck Rest Safety Cushion Support Pillow Headrest Pad

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Brand Name: Cherk

Filling: COTTON

Origin: Mainland China

Material: leather

Model Name: universal



1. Universal fit for all vehicles
2. Use advanced technology; lines uniform and parallel are very perfect
3. Care for your neck, relax your muscles, make your driving life more comfortable, safer, more healthy
4. Neck pillow can effectively prevent the floating car and neck caused by a long bend, fatigue, pain
5. Its main function is to protect the neck. In the event of a crash
6. Effectively protect the neck from damage to reduce the head shaking
Item Type: Car headrest pillow
Material: PU leather+ PP cotton
Color: Black Red, Black White
Item Height: 26cm/10.2inch
Item Width: 15 cm/5.9inch
Suitable: All the cars
Package: 2pcs  Car Neck Head Rest Cushion Pillow
Car headrest Security role:
Car headrest in addition to the neck can protect the driver is fragile, it is necessary to know there are many little common sense.
1, even if the speed is only 10 km per hour, when collision occurs, all the power of the vehicle's acceleration and deceleration extrusion at the neck people vulnerable, if without the protection of car headrest car ride neck easily injured.
2, 26% of the collision, driving personnel of the head or neck can be injured.
3, under the same conditions, using good quality headrest than using inferior head driving personnel neck injury in the context of the collision probability by 24%.
4, back, and the closer the distance between the head, the better, had better not more than 10 cm.
5, women than men in the vehicle collision accident occurred is 1.8 2.2 times higher risk of head and neck injury. Therefore, women should be more attention to adjust height of car headrest, and leaned forward as far as possible.
6, if your car rear seat headrest, please install as soon as possible.
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